Matthew McConaughey Designed Menswear Collection To debut In Spring’2013

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Matthew McConaughey Launches Menswear Collection

Matthew McConaughey designed menswear collection

Matthew McConaughey, an actor known from such films like The Paperboy and Magic Mike fills the row of numerous musicians and actors launching their own labels and clothing lines nowadays. McConaughey is going to launch his debut menswear collection and named JKL after charity Just Keep Living, which was founded in 2008, following the year his father passed away. Doing that through charity with a few changes in the name of the brand he gave some reasons for that.

The charity aims to help children lead healthy, active lives through education. The reason for collection renamed into JKL is it sounds more mature to the actors mind.  The causes for such inspiration to these changings in his life are the memory of his father. It remains his father’s spirit still alive and it makes him remember all the things his father taught him. “In 1992 my father moved on and Just Keep Living came to be.” – according to interview he gave to WWD.

The collection consists of sports and swimwear and will be presented this spring. The percentage of all sales is going to charity. The clothing line is set to launch in Dillard’s in March. The design is to encourage an active and adventurous lifestyle. The first drop is featured with performance wear such as rainproof trousers and quick-dry T-shirts, all the items include UV protection. The prices will range from $49 for a polo shirt, to $99 for a jumper.

McConaughey draws no lines in his menswear collection, as he confessed with a sentence with a little bit of exaggeration, saying that his collection has to be worn  From the Jungle to the Opera. The advantage of his clothing line is that it can be worn wherever life takes: work, for dinner, even for hiking.

The actor insisted in not having his name on the label. The reason for that is it’s not going to be seen as a celebrity fashion collection, he wants it simply to be considered as the new line the actor has been heavily involved in the design process of. McConaughey added, that personally he doesn’t prefer to wear clothing that is named after somebody or has someone’s likeness all over it and if his name was on the label, he’s not sure he’d wear it.