Gucci Launches Its Made-To-Measure Collection in Collaboration with Italian Businessman

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Frida Giannini and Lapo Elkann

Frida Giannini has been working on a new design collection for Gucci, which will launch in June and presented as made-to-measure. The creative director of Gucci, created it in collaboration with Italian businessman Lapo Elkann. The partner’s company is called Lapo’s Wardrobe, which offers some personal mode to every customer, described according to some sources as a “luxury sartorial service for the modern day gentleman.”

The collection consists of 27 pieces, including 23 looks for men and four looks for women. The collection is collected of leather goods, shoes and jewelry. Gucci is famous for it’s made-to-measure mode. It would take approximately four to six weeks that refer to the process, while the customer is going to be assisted by an experts and specialists through fabric selection, fitting and delivery. Each piece is available to be personalized according to the customer’s body-measures, as the number of luxury materials consists of 178 fabrics with the same amount of combinations of colors included.

Giannini says, “Gucci’s made-to-measure programme is the pinnacle of our Made in Italy expertise and allows each man to express his own style impeccably. Lapo perfectly embodies my vision of Italian style as an attitude, an instinct to interpret fashion in an individual yet sophisticated way. Lapo pays great attention to detail and is never afraid to take risks.”

Such a great chance for every gallant man to be served with such a regardful approach. This collaboration is a perfect way of representing Italian quality and style, as if it’s placed into a magic box with some options that a customer can choose individually.

Lapo’s Wardobe is going to be presented during Summer/Spring 2013 menswear shows that will be held in Milan in June, at the same time with the opening of a new dedicated Gucci men’s store. The customer service will be available at any of Gucci boutiques in Milan, Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

“I am excited and honoured that the Lapo’s Wardrobe project is being brought to life by Gucci, which is synonymous for Italian excellence and craftsmanship. It was a great experience to build this capsule collection together with Frida: we share a love and respect for tradition, yet we are not afraid to dare and experiment. It is the combination of both that I believe is exemplified in the pieces we designed and created.”- says Elkann.

According to Elkann, that said that they share love and respect for tradition, I’d also add, this kind of collaboration will bring more awareness and to the customers, opening something new about their own style and Gucci is one of the companies that has been on the market for a long time to be trusted either regarding design and service.