Dramatic Photo Shoot by Niklas Hoejlund

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Worth of the real work-star approach blends with the dark side of fashion in the striking photoshoot taken by Niklas Hoejlund for Client Magazine. The dramatic story in the classical combination of the black and white hues reminds the cruelty brought by the male model Henrik F through the range of pictures that capture the sad moments of oblivion.
Niklas Hoejlund found the source of inspiration in the our roots- in the human primitivism and its accompanying attributes, which is expressed through the soft clashing of the toughness and gentleness. The rough masculinity was balanced with the raw of the truly feminine accents, what allowed creating the wistful ambiance. Owing to the brilliant staging everything looks on its own place in this raw of the photoshoots.
As for the photoshoot styling, Barbara Gullstein was chosen to be the stylist. Owing to her incredible styling, nothing was out of tune with the overall conception starting from the aesthetic expressed through the black color and leather to the infallible hairstyle and makeup created by the famous Sam Shimoun. Everything in the photoshoot cries about the wildness and primitivism.

Niklas Hoejlund photoshoot for Client Magazine