David Gandy Launched an Auction

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David Gandy’s Auction has been launched on March 7


Britain’s best-known male model, David Gandy launched an auction stacked with stellar menswear lots on March 7 at 7 pm, all of Comic Relief. It was the first outing for his Blue Steel Appeal, so the charity initiative launched by David Gandy was held at a Soho House, screened in Zoolander in January. The supermodel had managed to call in some impressive favors from a selection of fashionable friends.

Go on eBay now and you’ll find suits donated by Spencer Hart and Thom Sweeney, tickets to watch a match in the Dolce and Gabbana box at Milan’s San Siro stadium, an opportunity to hang out with Patrick Grant, backstage at the next E Tautz show, a year’s supply of ties from Peckham Rye and a lot of more other exciting benefits!

Also, one of the British men’s magazines offered a winning bidder, which include the chance to go behind the scenes at an upcoming shoot and a year’s subscription to the UK’s best men’s magazine added as a prize for good measure. The bidding might be on Tinie Tempah’s Dolce and Gabbana suit. So, hurry up, because The Blue Steel Appeal auction has already started at the evening on March 7 and will be running until 17 March.

Additionally, before the auction, David Gandy and other celebrities like Eddie Redmayne, James McAvoy and Tinie Tempah proved that they could do a good deed without attending a celebrity charity gala. They had dressed down in limited edition T-shirts designed by Stella McCartney for the BBC’s biannual comedy-for-a-good-cause night, Comic Relief. Featuring pictures of The Beatles and legendary Fez-sportier, Tommy Cooper. The shirts are wholly manufactured in Africa with cotton sourced from fair-trade and are certified. At least £5 of the price goes directly to charities helping those in need in Africa and the UK.