David Beckham in H&M Bodywear Ad Video

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The latest H&M bodywear ad campaign features stunning David Beckham wearing nothing but the underwear pieces. In the video David has his bathrobe caught in the Range Rover full of kids. So, he remains at the street almost naked as he wears the undershirt and briefs. Besides, his chubby doggie (Beckham’s dog Coco) shuts the door, which he left open.

So, the fashion icon of the 21st century with a rippling torso covered in numerous tattoos decides to chase the car, which was couple miles away from him. He started running after the car through the Beverly Hills neighborhood jumping through the bushes, flitting over the tennis courts and a football field and even diving through the swimming pool. And all of that in front of the surprised neighbors and paparazzi. By the way, David doesn’t stop readjusting his briefs using the forefinger, which became a signature element of this ad video.

David said about the video:

I hope everyone has as much fun watching the film as I had making it.


Guy Ritchie is the guy behind this 90-second video, who didn’t fail to bring his unique sense of humor that already became his trademark to the script. This video really reminds of a full-fledged movie with the fun storyline, a main hero and a dog. In the result we get the video, which significantly differs from the previous video ad that was demonstrated during the Super Bowl last year. This time instead of posing on the plinth and smouldering, David Beckham runs the decent distance demonstrating his perfectly shaped body accompanied by the toe-tapping beats of “Don’t Stop” by Forester The People. What else could you ask for?

Guy Richie commented on the video:

David is the perfect leading man. For me, this felt like more than a campaign–it was like directing a short film.

The spring 2013 underwear range by H&M will be launched on www.hm.com today. It will come in the new colors starting from the military shades to the red and white combos just in time for the Valentine’s Day.

David Beckham in H&M bodywear ad video