Three Natural Pieces From Shwood, RVLT and CHUP

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Ethnic Inspired Look With Shwood, RVLT And CHUP

This article is dedicated to tree pieces, that will let your look be more ethnic flavored, featuring natural wooden Shwood glasses, RVLT sweatshirt from the Fall 2013 lookbook and CHUP socks made in Japan with ethnic inspired colors.

Shwood Glasses 2013

First comes the Shwood glasses are famous for it’s wooden its wooden frames, the label was based in Portland, Oregon. And it presented some new, natural glasses with the Stone Collection for 2013, made with precision technology and skilled craftsmanship. The Stone collection features updates of Shwood’s Belmont, which has classic panto-shaped frame and distinct keyhole bridge and the label’s original model, Canby. The glasses have UVA/UVB protection, Italian Carl Zeiss lenses.

RVLT, Autumn 2013

Then comes RVLT‘s Fall 2013 lookbook’s sweatshirt that inspired with some natural flavor. With nature and animal-inspired prints, the collection all points to a certain obsession with the environment. Contrasted rich against pink and grey backgrounds, and layered with multi-patterned themes. The collection includes a range of quilted jackets, long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts, but our attention falls to an ethnic echoed sweatshirt.

Chup socks

Chup’s socks are unique and colorful, collecting trendy ethnic colors from all over the world in patterns covering. Stocking frame machine makes the socks; Chup’s products have a fine quality, the attention is mostly paid to its details featuring color and design. The design is based on various motifs: patterns, family emblems and textiles. Chup socks are produced in a limited quantity, this is caused by a complicated pattern design. The socks are produced in Japan.

Well, these three patterned, ethnic style flavored products would be a good choice to mix with some other self-colored outfits, as the pieces are vivid and perfect to be chosen for some braver individuals, who like both comfort and natural inspired stuff.

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