Menswear Trends from the Catwalks for Spring 2013

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As a rule, the Men’s Fashion Week is not vouchsafed as much as the raw of the women’s weeks including London, Milan, Paris and New York ones. However the true fashion addicts still find it a great source of inspiration for the coming season. This time we want to acquaint you with the catwalk trends from the Men’s Fashion Week you might adopt in the everyday life.

Best menswear trends 2013 from the catwalk

Nobody can argue that summer should be filled with color. However, seems like for the coming spring summer season the designers like Salvatore Ferragamo and Jil Sander decided to move the boundaries by introducing the variety of the bold colors for men’s summer wardrobes. The real spotlights were the yellow, green, red and blue. Despite the fact that the majority of designers included the monochromatic outfits in their collections, the more suitable option is color-blocking, which was a big thing the previous seasons.

Animal motive
From year to year the leading fashion designers pick the favorite animal to appear on the major garments like the shirts, sweaters and accessories. The previous seasons were marked with the motifs of owls, cats, dogs, foxes and horses, however this time Thom Browne set his eyes on the sea creatures such as whales and lobsters, which appeared on the shorts, shirts, blazers and waistcoats in his latest menswear collection. You may introduce this bold trend in your everyday looks by combining these printed garments with basic ones.

Multicultural pick and mix
With more and more fashion designers with diverse ethnical backgrounds coming to the world of high fashion, we should expect them to bring the elements of their cultures to the catwalks. One season it was African beading, while another one was marked with the Asia-inspired prints. For the latest menswear show in Paris, Jean Paul Gaultier amazed everyone with an original way of bringing the ethnics to his collection. Instead of adapting the foreign style into his collection, he teamed the European-styled outfits with the turbans in the bright hues, which made them look like the true cosmopolitans.

Layering was the loud trend of the fall winter 2013 season, so you have probably already become the master of layering. For the coming spring summer 2013 season Burberry, Etro and Jil Sander showed that the key principles of layering didn’t change much: simply throw a scarf on the jacket, which is worn of the buttoned waistcoat with the shirt underneath. It is essential to layer the garments of the distinct length for the more appealing effect. Another way is teaming the items in the same color gamma, but with the distinct textures and structures.

Camouflage belongs to those trends that are out of time and tendencies. Passion to adventures is probably in the men’s genes and this statement print allows to express their obsession through the socially acceptable garments. The two notable fashion houses Comme des Garçons and Dries van Noten demonstrated the striking variations on the camouflage theme by reinventing it in the totally new abstract pattern, which is almost missing the military origins.