Men’s Hairstyle Trends for Spring Summer 2013

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Men’s Hairstyle Trends for this Season

Men's hairstyle 2013

It’s not difficult to identify men’s hair trends for spring/summer 2013 because it don’t seem to change a lot from what we have seen over the past year. We all have noticed that new fashion trends are reported every season, but the hair industry tends to evolve slowly over the times and the turnover of styles are not continuous much.

However, men’s cuts can be divided into two styles. The first is a move towards the slick side parting, internal length added. That helps to create a more formal look than the look that was prominent throughout the whole past year.

The alternative comes in the form of longer and textured hairstyle, created with products like sea-salt sprays, which provide a natural finish, a load of texture and additionally increase volume. Now, let’s take a closer look at both of these cuts.

Parting the precise side has been back officially, it never went away since last century.

For Spring/Summer 2013, there is going to be much more not only the cut but also the products to style it. We will see a lot more shining; with pomades and gloss products used instead of the matte that have become popular lately. The classic cut will become tidy and leaner round the edges.

To create a trendy haircut your stylist should maintain a decent degree of length on the top of the head and remove the length around the sides and back.

One major thing to take into consideration creating this style is just how high you want the hair cut at the back. As for the length on top, the hair can be point cut to prevent the hair from becoming a little heavy.

Men's hairstyling products

Also, I don’t advise you to dry the hair too much before applying the product that creates volume and make it harder to define the parting. While rubbing it in your hands make sure you did it well before putting it into your hair as it has probably been a while since many of men have used shine products. It’s better to start off with a small amounts, because you can always add more if it’s required. This tips help to avoid making the hair look greasy.