Men’s Bags 2013

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Men’s Bags of the Season

Usually, our eyes got used to see women holding a cute bag and combed with trendy glasses with it and having an insatiable passion for both accessories. Times have changed, among men in their everyday life, men’s bags came into the world becoming more and more popular among male. Keesters and ugly bags for laptops have changed into elegant suitcases and handbags, presented at London Fashion Week this season. Now, a bag defines a man’s personality and lifestyle. If you’re still a man without bag that defines yours, it’s time to choose one and this post is dedicated to classy bags in trend for 2013.

mens bags 2013 clutch

To the contrary of last season, rigid and geometric forms are used less in the collections of men’s handbags spring-summer 2013. The choice for most designers have fallen on classic or sporty style combined with trendy colors, textured materials and elegant décor were used as basis of the bags created, this year. And the long strap became one of the trends.

A little advice before you buy:
If you haven’t owned one before then it takes some time to get used to holding a bag. Buying a too expensive one is not the right thing to do, because most men usually lose bags within a few days. I would recommend even not to put anything of value in your man’s bag until you are confident that it stays with you at all time. Try before you buy.

There are some types of bags:



The Mens crochet satchel 2013

This style of bags is a great for men, who want to carry a bag. Black, grey, brown would be a good and a safe colors to begin with. Once you get used to hold a bag then there are many other colors to choose.

Clutch bags for men

mens bags 2013 clutch

Haagendess Genuine leather brown clutch bag

It might be unusual to see a man holding a clutch, but lately, it’s becoming a lot trendier. I can say that men love to leave things lying around. So, the only advice I got is to make sure you clutch onto your bag all the time.

Floral and Bling bags



These bags are for the braver men, who calls to attention and not afraid of their inner world shown for public. I’d add that most the of women do find men with such bags more attractive as they consider them to be the ones who know most how to be fashionable and have a lot things in common to talk about, – Fashion for example!

Bigger bags

mens bags 2013 Gucci

Gucci men’s blue tones and stripes fabric bag

And bigger bags for bigger attitudes!