Men’s Accessories for Spring Summer 2013

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Accessories for Spring Summer 2013

round frame glasses

To flatter your trendy jackets, elegant three-piece suits and other menswear, you really need to add some accessories. In this article we are going to cover men’s accessories for Spring/Summer 2013, which include: holdalls, hats, and sunglasses.

The accessories used to be the reflection of your individuality; they served as a safe method of not overlaying much into your appearance. Accessories also make your look bolder and more expressive, inviting you to look more extravagant. In addition, I’d say, a well-selected accessory can add a good contrast, especially when recent season’s trend salutes more minimal looks.

leather holdall classic

Firstly, we are going to discuss the holdalls. Holdall is a gym bag, usually a large one, made of cloth or leather,  typically with a rectangular base, has a zippered opening at the top.

The holdall is a luxurious alternative to any other bag, its comfort is almost irreplaceable with its perfect approach to long flights and weekend breaks and. Many of these bags feature interior zip pockets and detachable shoulder straps. Straps are for extra practicality. It’s a perfect thing to pick for an active man. Those who prefer fresh country air and like to be outdoors may prefer military-inspired models of the holdalls.

baker boy hat

Another necessary accessory relevant to coming season is a hat. There are two styles of hat we are going to cover: the baker boy hat and more classic headwear, the panama hat. When you add a hat to your look, it switches some kind of another mode, it allows you like you are not the same as you were. Many confessed that wearing a hat even change their attitude to themselves, when they see their reflection in the mirror. It’s a magic accessory that turns you into a different character, and it’s more fun, than crazy.

For those who welcome these kinds of expression and experimentations, I recommend the baker boy cap. It appears to have taken reference from this year’s highly anticipated film, named “The Great Gatsby”, art deco period in which the movie was set had a big influence on.

The baker boy caps usually have herringbone patterns in traditional textures such as tweed, wool and twill, adding a fashionable flourish is highly reccomended.

panama hat

The panama hats are considered to be a braver choice, this hat is a result of 1920’s fashion, coming back and becoming trend again. Pitti Uomo is the best company I’d suggest for that kind of holiday headwear.

Round frames and clubmaster sunglasses are the trend of the coming warmest seasons. In regards to this eyewear, usually it has to be made with tortoiseshell frame but modern materials, titanium or acetate work also work well. These sunglasses’ creation was inspired by the iconic dress code of America in 1950s.

Other styles I suggest to look through, include frames glazed with solid and vibrant hues. The magnificent Clubmaster design also has returned to popularity. Ray Ban’s classic club master glasses complement both formal and casual styles and are the perfect fit for Spring Summer 2013.