Best Leather Bomber Jackets for Spring 2013

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Leather jackets are making a great come back both in the men’s and women’s fashion, but this time it concerns the particular styles including the leather bomber jacket, which is a versatile garment and a must-have in modern man’s wardrobe. By the way, the recognized style icon David Beckham loves to wear the leather bomber jacket along with the plain t-shirt and jeans.
But in fact it is easy to make a big style mistake with the leather jacket: get the right one and you will become the local spotlight, get the wrong one and you will reach the opposite effect. Consider the following features while picking the right bomber jacket: style and nice fit.

A lot of men tend to stick to the certain style in the course of their lives and might without having the chance of finding the perfect garments that will suit them the best way. In fact the bomber jacket is probably the best style for contemporary men since it is versatile and not too tight. Another aspect you should take into consideration is the quality of the leather: remember, going for the low-priced one will make you look cheap. So try to spend more on the bomber jacket that will serve you at least couple seasons.

Any man’s must-have- leather bomber jacket

Lot 78
New to the world of fashion, Lot 78 appeared in the fashion industry in 2008. This fashion brand produces the range of men’s clothing, but it is mainly specializing on the leather jackets. This particular leather bomber jacket is made from the Italian leather and can boast the tremendous softness. It is available on and is priced £795.
Unlike Lot 78’s bomber jacket, this one by Edwin is performed in the more classical style, which is not surprising since it was inspired by the USM flight jacket. This brown jacket will perfectly work with the simple jeans and body. You can purchase the Edwin leather bomber jacket for just £420 on
Originally being the manufacturer of the flight jackets, Eastman leathers know the thing or two about the high quality leather jackets. By the way this leather jacket is vegetable tanned, which is a rarely used method due to the high cost. So it was made the same way as the original jackets back then. This Eastman leather jacket is for sale on at £549.99.