Hottest Colors of Spring 2013

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Just like in the women’s fashion, the hottest colors for the spring 2013 season in the menswear fashion make the accent on the balance between the soft neutral shades and the range of energizing bright hues.

Hottest colors of spring 2013

As the title suggests, Tidal Foam reminds of the sea washing the coast. Owing to the small hint of green, this neutral hue replaced the trendy khaki for the spring season.

Emerald remains on the top position both in the men and women’s fashion. This perfect jewel hue works equally well both for the accessories and sportswear.

Grayed Jade, a subtler version of green, along with the dusk blue evoke the thoughts about the evening sky and hold the function of the staple, but yet are new to the menswear.

Monaco Blue has the masculine feel and is often associated with stability and manhood. Teamed with the Grayed Jade and Emerald, it will add a strong and classy vibe to your look.

The new mid-tone of gray called Alloy is a must-have during the spring. While being the lighter alternative to the classic black, it will still allow you to make a statement with your elegant look.

Linen, also called off-white, flatters men with the bigger complexion. Besides, it perfectly works with the range of hues. Compose your balanced combination using the Alloy, Monaco Blue and Grayed Jade, which represent the light, mid and deep tones.

The vibrant and energetic Poppy Red is probably the hottest hue for the spring summer season.

Vibrant Orange, the energetic and bold hue, will add the dynamic and enthusiastic feel to your look.

The fresh shade of the yellow entitled Sunflower provides the Dijon-resembling, earthy flavor, which adds the refined touch to the ordinary ensembles when worn along with Emerald and Monaco Blue.

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