5 Trends to Keep From 2012

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As the year 2012 is already left behind with all its fashion trends like color-blocking and animal prints, it is time to think about the year, which is ahead. From now long your mind should be occupied with the garments that will be in trend in the coming spring summer 2013 season.

However, despite the fact that the fashion is cyclical and never stands still, the year 2012 was filled with some great menswear trends that should be definitely taken into consideration during the year 2013 as well. So, before you start coming up with the list of must-haves for the coming season, we present you the rundown of the key garments that promise to be rocking the coming year as well.

5 items to keep from 2012

Three-piece suit
No other garment reflects the British refinement better than the three-piece men’s suit. It allows flattering almost all body types owing to its ability to tuck in just in the right areas. Moreover, one will appear slender once the jacket is taken off. Those of you who prefer to wear the suits separately will also find a three-piece suit to be a perfect investment garment.
Chambray shirt in indigo
There is no a better item than the chambray shirt for the day out or the weekend in the informal atmosphere. When layered with the navy suit, it will give a new lease of life into your ordinary look.
Brown suit
The brown suit made the fashion come back in 2011, but 2012 was the year when it made the real splash in the men’s vogue. Whether it was a lightweight summer suit made from linen or cotton, or the tweed blazer with the checked pattern for the winter season, brown was everywhere the previous year. The big plus of the brown suit- it allows flattering any skin tone and works well with the majority of colors like blue, black and red.
In the coming season look for the bold tones of brown like tobacco and caramel, what will allow you to make a statement with your look without appearing too garish.

Double-breasted coat or jacket
Double-breasted silhouette is never out of fashion. Seriously, it already became the classics in the men’s fashion. So, a double-breasted jacket is a must-have garment, especially at moments when you need to demonstrate your masculinity and power.
Camouflage print and double monk straps
These two trends were in the air the last couple years, but during 2012 they became the mainstream trends in men’s fashion. Camouflage print made the big come back since it could be easily worn with almost every garment in your wardrobe. Thus it became the new “neutral”.
As for the double monk straps, you can wear the shoes with such straps both for the casual and formal occasions. They allow you to look elegant, chic and classy in any situation.