Things Men Should Know about their Eyebrows

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Men’s Eyebrows Maintenance

Men's Eyebrow maintenance

Unruled eyebrows is not the best thing on men’s face, especially if a man respects fashion and does his best to keep being trendy and stylish.

Many men are not even used to think of their eyebrows shape and its condition. So, this article opens up the theme of how to take care about male eyebrows and make them look accurate with some of cosmetic procedures I will tell about later. I am sure, your eyebrows are not kept neat, because from the beginning it wasn’t quite common to take care of them, or if you’d do that, you might get into the bad situation being considered as a person with different sexual orientation. Those times passed and now bad eyebrows can ruin an impeccable look that you create with combination of clothes and accessories, so that’s why, the eyebrow maintenance should take some space in your everyday life.

If you consider yourself as an alpha-male, don’t panic, because this article is not about shaping the eyebrows. I will simply open some secrets of making your eyebrows look a little bit accurate and better instead of ruining all the composition of your precious face with overgrown eyebrows.

Let’s start with some guidance! If you have a monobrow, you should definitely get rid of it. Use some steps, I am going to describe below.


Bigger mirror serves as the best helper along with a pair of fine tweezers, like in the picture upper. Better wash and cleanse the eyebrow area with warm water before using your fingers to brush them down. Once you’ve found long wiry hair that needs to be removed, stretch out your skin with your fingers and pluck the individual hair from the center of your brows till outwards. Attention, it does hurt, but a little, so you will get used to on a third day of repeating the process.

If not the tweezers, you can use wax strips to make the process quicker, and have a smoother result. But while working with wax strips you have to take extra care, because the process is more complicated, and probably you won’t succeed if you won’t get someone to help you with this. Read the instructions well before using wax, the product example can be seen on the picture below.

Male Eyebrow Wax

Do not use a razor, it can stress the skin and there’s too much risk of you removing a chunk of hair as well. Do not remove unwanted hair too soon, take your time and remove one hair at a time in order not to look like a woman in the end. Use small scissors if you need to shorten some parts, do not avoid using them if you need.