Men’s Outfits with Bold Prints

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Outfits with Bold Prints

floral print shirt

Individuality is the way of marking ourselves out from the grey crowd. It’s the thing that makes our look just a little bit more special, even better than someone else’s look. We get into hipster style that is very popular for nowadays and like to think that wearing bright, colorful details differentiate us from the grey masses. When we think that we really look cool, wearing outfits that catches the eye because of its craziness.

Times when men started to prefer bold printed shirts came. Some men combine it with other outfits well and look brilliant, but there are also the rest of them who convince themselves to experiment with color for the first time.  So, this article is dedicated to bold printed shirts, jackets and other alike outfits.

Prints are as popular as we call consider them to become menswear favorite lately. Every street store or brand is pushing the current pattern trend in their stock. And I don’t think that it’s possible to go outside and walk on a street and not to notice a man or even two wearing the variety of prints.

Wearing prints is not something easy to do. So, the advice I’d give to you consists of few tips: put some bold printed outfit on and then forget about it. It’s better to see it as just another detail of something you want to put together with something else. Just put it on and then leave it, don’t think of it. If you started constantly checking yourself in any mirrors you face, it does mean that discomfort distracts you. Be confident about the choice you made. Feel proud of yourself even when you take it off before going to bed or changing clothes in the evening.

Print items don’t really require much of planning and they simply replace something. My personal preference falls to the print jackets, easy to wear and really simple to incorporate into almost any additional outfit. A huge variety of them are available at every price point nowadays, there are really no reasons not to try once and keep using print outfits.

bold prints camouflage

The most popular prints among men are leopard, camouflage, floral themes and all kinds geometric elements, as you can see in the gallery below.