Men’s Jacket Types

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Types of Jacket

In a colder weather we really have to think more about how to secure a look that would remain stylish, but at the same time adapted to a colder seasons. When evenings are getting colder, I am sure you have no desire to look like a mountain climber, layering too much outfits. For this reason jacket is one of the most appropriate, practical comfortable menswear. There are a wide variety of them available nowadays

The main thing that has to be considered here is to find a jacket that suits your routine. I am going to tell you about types of jackets that are trendy nowadays, to make your life easier for you purchase planning.

Denim jacket

The one we are going for first is a denim jacket. Usually this type of jacket gives some oversized stonewashed look, the jacket are popular at East London most referring to a cool casual. However, the denim jacket is still in the hot topic for arguing whether it is as casual as it would fit office environment. With denim jackets we should avoid similar colors combined, because the all-denim look is not the best.

Leather jacket

The leather jacket has always been cool and I am pretty much sure will be for ages. Choosing a leather jacket is an important process, because you have to combine it with the whole range of colors and varieties of lighter clothes that you have in your wardrobe. When you simply throw it over a white shirt or combine it with all black colored outfits on you, the leather jacket makes you look classically cool.

The quality plays a great role; I’ve never been in favor of pleather, but the same time I’d say the leather is much more expensive, but it really worth, because of its advantage as the long term wearable thing, and still stays trendy over a long time.

Varsity Jacket

The varsity jacket is in trend of nowadays, associated with High School times. The varsity jacket’s advantage is that it’s a cost-effective approach. It doesn’t matter if you’d wear the most famous, expensive brand, you’ll have a weatherproof outfit that is fun and practical.

Here we go, to the trench jacket. It is the perfect fit to autumn and it’s getting colder days. Not heavy, weatherproof lining makes the trench a comfortable jacket that is the best to choose for night walks, without thick wools and leathers. Beige, burgundy or black colors are the most popular for this outfit, Burberry has a lot of cool models of trench coats. Additionally, this type of jacket is the best if you want to look elegant, accurate, especially when you work in the office.

Trench jacket, Knitted jacket, shirt jacket

The humble blazer is the ultimate way of versatility, and is an old-school type of jacket. It should never be teamed with graphic t-shirts or any jewelry. A simple shirt and jeans would be the best things to combine it with.

The shirt jacket or the shacket is a new type appeared during autumn/winter show season, the shirt jacket is the perfect casual companion to any outfit that should be teamed with a t-shirt. It’s weatherproof as well and are made for those who hate the routine and want to show some individuality in their clothing manner.

The knitted jacket is a hybrid of humble cardigan and weather-proof jacket. The thickness that provides the weather protection, the knitted jackets are very flexible and casual enough for regular wear and the same time elegant.

So, I hope it will be easier now for you to pick up the most appropriate type of jacket for you’re your everyday life. And remember, the most expensive doesn’t mean the best.