How to choose outfits for dating

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Outfits for dating

There’ve been a lot of tips written all over the Internet on how to get a first date with a lady of your dreams and other getting the attention secrets. There are certain rules of tone, behavior and strategy on that.  What about, how to choose outfits for dating? The appearance is a big issue on getting the female say, – yes! To your, – Would you like some coffee with me this afternoon? As you felt and not once, I guess, that appearance and perfect look give a lot of advantage, especially for building the best impression about your personality and feeling more confident in front of your lady. So this topic is hot for getting you dressed and lead your starting relationships to the best result. Here are some examples of dating outfits:

grey jacket outfit for date

Shades of Grey Jacket by Micah Cohen.

The lifestyle consists of two words life and style and they are correlated, as life builds the style and the style builds up your life as well. So, its better to identify your lifestyle first. If you work in the office, you have to have dark or grey colored jacket. It’s not a small thing for business people nowadays to dress well to the office and outside for dinner that brings another contract for the company, but it’s not just a business thing, but also trust that the appearance, conversation and power in the eyes of the opponent you talk to has. So why not to use all of those successful tips on the playground called the first impression of the first date.

outfits for date Rolex Air

Rolex Air King

Wear watches, this accessory is the most trendy nowadays. More the watches are known and respectable as a fine brand, more it fits, because best brands make a trend. Trust them, having the latest!

Oxford Shirt outfit for date

Asos Oxford Shirt, light brown

Here we go with the color and psychology. Ladies are fragile creatures who desire to see the stronger man to feel safe behind him. The psychologists discovered that most of ladies prefer warmer colors on the man to feel comfortable with, but, hey, women feel comfortable with male friends most of the times. We’re not planning to become a best friend for the woman of our heart, so we have to try not to overplay with warmness, but warmer color and bright prints do a good composition; especially if it’s a shirt that you choose.

Religion chinos outfit for date

Religion Baron Chinos

Chinos by Religion made from cotton twill with slant pockets at sides, as it’s a slim fit, it would be a good choice to the look created, especially the color.

Jimmy Choo tassel loafers outfits for dare

Jimmy Choo Tassell-loafers, Spring-Summer collection 2013.  

Now, let’s get to the color of the shoes that shows strength and power: men don’t have a range of colors to wear like women do, so all we have is some black, brown, grey combinations usually, the most ambitious men have leopard prints, red, purple details, but just details. Again, do not overplay. Black is the strictest. As for the design, trends are updating each season; this time we have some flavor of 50ies and 80ies mixed.