Olly Murs And His Way of Dressing

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Olly Murs And His Colorful Wardrobe

Olly Murs

Olly has his extraordinary style thanx to spending hours surfing internet to get inspired and pick some outfits to get dressed and look outstanding. Since he appeared in our TV sets on The X Factor in 2009, he’s brought his signature English tastes presented in his dressing manner.  The top charting singles coincide the bright and sunny outfits collected in his wardrobe.

He became the most famous pork pie hat wearer who goes to high street shops, hunting for boots every man should own and definitaly a fashion icon.

How has his style changed from first appear on The X Factor? He confesses that every person changes with time. Especially being on TV and photoshoots he has been involved in made some its work to influence the looks and to change for the better; During that time while being on the spotlights gave him some insights into colors that work best on screen and at the same time comfortable. He has found his style and won’t change it for the next 40 years, according to his words.

Olly Murs

One of his secrets of the style he has is always using colors, blending the colors right is one of key important things for him, as since he has become famous, he has been experimenting with colors a lot.“If it’s a cold, wintery day then you wouldn’t necessarily. It’s all about picking the right day and the right colours to suit it.” – he says.

In fact, his stage style does not much differ from his off duty periods. He mixes and matches a lot pieces gathered from boutiques, expensive labels and in 70% of cases he gets dressed in high streets. Topman Jeans are his favorite, he always buys it. “Religion do some really great pieces like blazers and jackets” – he says.Russell & Bromley shoes, are his favorite shoe making company.

Some tips the singer suggests for guys include, being more creative and braver in clothing, picturing what goes well with other pieces in your head and then trying it on. Comfort is one of key elements to take into consideration.

Olly Murs