Dan Trepanier: The Best Dressed Man in America

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Dan Trepanier’s dressing manner

Dan Trepanier

Today the person on our spotlight is Dan Tepanier, a CEO and creative director of TBSmen, a huge fashion-bloggers community website. He was titled as the Best Dressed Real Man in America, in 2009, by Esquire; graduated the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. “Our goal remains the same: creating practical and inspiring content for real guys.”- contains his website.

Dan Trepanier

Trepanier’s has a kind of fashion background, in which he experienced buying clothes in high-end clothing store, like Saks Fifth Avenue and collaborations with Gillette, Frank Clegg. These experiences, had become a great influence and a base for the style he has now.

Dan’s style can be called as timeless, but with some kind of twisted individuality. And yes, Individuality is a key thing in every well dressed man. Fit and flourish, ties and trouser breaks, Trepanier has very good habits of contrasting those things with any other outfit well. Especially, I’d highlight his ability to put together a classic outfit first and then add something a little really different, but perfect to look classy in tandem.

Vintage knit cardigans layered over an accurate shirt, ties and waistcoats, old lightweight camo jackets, oxford shirts, bow ties, indigo jeans and loafers is about Dan’s habits in clothing, and I guess, those take the biggest space in his wardrobe.

Dan Trepanier

Another key element in Trepanier’s wardrobe is suits shot, usually shot on TSBmen, most of them are tailored and combined with the finest accessories, to provide a smart and business-casual look. He pairs his outfits with everything, including ties, pocket squares, scarves, jeans, sneakers or even tees. The fashion icon always makes his look brilliant, no matter what it takes.

Dan has an ability to always step away from the traditional navy, grey and black colored suits. Trepanier has been photographed in all kinds of colors from bright green to burgundy and the brown hued suits as well.

The secret of Dan’s style can be identified as he simply pulls together the simple, forgotten, old school looks in the menswear to inspire. Dan’s sense of style really made him deserve to be the most successful men’s fashion bloggers.