Matthew Miller Fall Winter 2013-2014

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When taking a brief look at this fall winter 2013-2014 menswear collection by Matthew Miller, it might seem that it was greatly influenced by the designer’s pessimistic mood. By the way, this assumption could be supported by the numerous appearance of the slogan “Born To Fail” across the sweatshirts and jumpers diluted with other garments in the gloomy black garments with red blots.
Other things to mention about this fall winter 2013-2014 collection is the excellent tailoring, which is worth of Matrix personages, which goes along with the casual and laid back style that adds the young feel to the collection. All of that in combination with the bold phrase allow creating the original and yet quite modest garments.
As for the cut, designer decided to step away from the usual shapes and tried to experiment with shirts with oversized shoulders, which he teamed with tight fitting trousers. This allowed creating the stylish looks with the edgy feel. The use of trendy leather and other slick fabrics brought the stylish and a bit sexy vibe to the collection.Matthew-miller-fall-winter-2013

Being the graduate of the Royal College of Art, Matthew Miller specializes at creating of garments where the sportswear and the tailoring meet. In the result we get the commercial garments that are in high demand among contemporary men.

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