KNOWN Streetwear Spring Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook

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KNOWN Streetwear Collection

KNOWN Streetwear Collection 2013

The new clothing brand, KNOWN have realeased their debut collection lookbook for Spring/Summer 2013, presenting their minimalistic graphic designs on T-shirts, swershirts and snapbacks. The collection is made to inspire you to expand your casual look for three months of the warmest season of current year.

The collection provides a simple look that is either comfortable and stylish, it encircles the main functions of the street wear clothing. The brand created some kind of philosophical approach to the design by using quotes and sayings of famous musicians, and not old ones, such as Public Enemy, Digable Planets and De La Soul. The quote: “From the ghetto-dwellin’ youth to the bourgies in the burbs… It’s Good To Be Here!”- introduces the lookbook.

The images of t-shirts and sweatshirts contain such graphics as tongue-in-cheek images, ace of clubs skull, crossbones and the world’s globe. The mixture of quotes with those minimalistic graphics gives the collection some uniqueness and highlights it from the other street wear brands.

High Focus underground label’s british rap and grime artist, Edward Scissortongue, became the face of the debut lookbook for KNOWN, the beard that he has makes the collection’s lookbook more trendy.
Those who are in the UK should be glad to witness the end of the winter and meet the warmer seasons, officially starting on March 20th. To be prepared for them as earlier as it can be, you must be looking though lookbooks now, so I suggest KNOWN to be one of them with it’s philosophical and graphic mixture, bringing them the uniqueness totally deserving your attention.

KNOWN has become a good example and inspiration for those small, not well known just emerging brands, with making such a contribute to fashion with its unique approach. The simple look that KNOWN creates for your Spring Summer 2013 makes your style clean and fresh, the quotes used in design bring some significant meaning to your dressing habits, and this is one of the interesting debuts among the new comer brands of this year for sure.